God is in Control

Well 2020 is behind us, and to be sure it was not the greatest year
we have had. We had to stop church in person a couple of times, we have to wear masks in the services, and we have not been together as the whole body of
Christ in quite some time.
It probably isn’t the worst year ever either, as some have claimed. We have had some good things happen this year as well. We are nearing the end of the
Bridge construction. Thanks to Mike Bedell and his team, the space has been totally transformed. It’s hard to remember what it even looked like before. Groups have started meeting in there and taking advantage of the new TVs and
seating. Pretty soon the café will be done, and we will be taking advantage of that as well. Also, Pastor Ed and Pastor D. have refreshed the main hallway of the
The outside of the church has gotten a refresh as well. Will Alford has been busy planting, trimming, and pruning all the plants around the church, making sure God’s creation is taken care of. Thank you, Will! Pastor D., I think, has been living out there to keep the weeds at bay and to do much needed yard work as. The word on the street is that Grace also appreciates his new residence. Thank you, Pastor D.!
We made it through the Gospel of Luke together, many of you following along with the reading plan and forming groups to talk about what you were reading. We have seven new confirmation students, who have begun the process of learning and growing in what God has done for them in their baptism. Multiple home groups made it through quarantine, providing much needed in-person
gatherings for people. Some groups have started meeting online. Glen Phelps hosted an online gathering for people to chat and catch up. Emily Beck held praise nights through Facebook. All in all it was not the year we expected, but God continued to bless us.
As we look forward to the coming year, I am excited to spend more time in the Psalms and go through them together with you. I know that we will all grow together and in our faith through this year. If you picked up your devotion from
church already, I pray that it is a blessing. Hopefully you are finding time in your day to do the devotions as a family. If you have not picked up your devotional, we have more at church that can be picked up.
I don’t know what all is in store for us this year, but I do know that whatever it is, God is still in control and He is good! Please join me in praying that God continues to lead this church and, through this church, more people get connected to Jesus, His family, and His ministry.