Qualities of Calvary by Pastor Ed Grant

In a recent conversation with Jim Roberts, he spoke about two outstanding qualities that characterize Calvary: the congregation as an extended family and a passion for worship. I completely agree; both of these embody the reasons Sue and I were anxious to remain at Calvary when I retired. I would add a heart to serve others’ as an additional quality that continues to excite me about ministry at Calvary.
I am also happy and willing to serve again on a part-time basis as interim pastor until God guides us to a new pastor. In my retirement I had assisted Pastor Adam in making calls on members who can no longer attend worship and are homebound most of the time. But I did miss preaching and teaching and am glad to have the opportunity to share God’s Word with you once more! 
I have a sense that the Holy Spirit is blowing over us in a fresh way – do you sense it? New families showing up at worship, an excitement about our Summer’s End Family Celebration, a joyful stirring in our time of worship – and some God appointed opportunities to share the Gospel and to exercise Jesus’ authority over the forces of darkness – all are a cause for excitement for this old pastor!
But reaching out also requires that we reach down. A tall tree that reaches many feet above the ground is only as strong as the roots that reach deep into the earth. In the same way, the effectiveness of a congregation’s ministry is directly related to its commitment to fervent prayer. I invite you to join me in praying for the following needs:
  • The Spirit’s leading of our call committee.
  • The Summer’s End Family Celebration
  • For God to bring guests to Calvary, who need to hear the Good News about His love for us in Jesus and to experience His touch as we worship.
  • For God to open up new opportunities to reach the retirement generation.
As Paul wrote to the Galatian congregations: “If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25). When the Holy Spirit is moving, our challenge will be to keep up with Him!