Calvary Lutheran Church exists to bring the hope, love and grace of Christ to the City of Charleston. We do that by being a bridge for people to Jesus, his family, and his ministry.

Please join us this Sunday morning! Our Sunday service is held at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. 
An adult Bible study starts at 8:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall with a time of coffee and conversation, followed by our study of scripture beginning at 8:45 a.m.

Children’s Sunday School classes begin at 8:45 a.m. with one class for elementary age children and one for middle school and high school age children.

For anyone who cannot attend service in person, a live stream video will be available on our YouTube channel, Calvary Lutheran Chs, during worship time and a link will be available on our website’s Sermon page a few days after the service.
For a complete list of scheduled activities, please visit our Events page.

Ministries at Calvary


Kids for Christ


Kids for Christ is a group ministering to kids aged 1st through 5th grade. Monthly meetups involve fun, fellowship and food for the entire family, so be sure to join us!



Youth Ministry


Calvary Youth is for all 6th through 12th graders looking for a place to connect. There are monthly meetups for fellowship, bible study, and community. 

JOY Fellowship


JOY is an outreach ministry of Calvary, providing a place for the women of the church and their friends to grow in love for Jesus and for each other.                                                    

Our Pastor

Interim Pastor Ed Grant

Pastor Ed and Sue Grant

Pastor Ed Grant earned his Master’s of Divinity (MDiv) from Christ Seminary, Seminex in 1979. He and his wife, Sue, took their first call to serve Redeemer Lutheran Church in Newton, New Jersey, as mission church developer and youth worker. As the mission congregation, grew, the family of three to relocate to Blairstown, New Jersey, and the mission became Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. Pastor Ed served the congregation for 11 years, during which the couple was blessed with three additional children. The Grant family was then called to serve Resurrection Lutheran Church, located in Queens, New York City, where they lived for three years. Once again Pastor Ed felt the call to work in the mission field and accepted the call to serve Family of Faith, a mission congregation in Middletown, New York. He served there for 16 years, meeting first in a movie theater, then a barn before finally constructing their own house of prayer.
Although Pastor Ed and Sue thought they would eventually retire in Middletown, New York, Pastor Ed began to feel that God might be calling him to serve another congregation. In April, 2009, he felt the very strong call to serve Calvary Lutheran Church in Charleston, South Carolina. God spoke very clearly to Pastor Ed, saying, “I have called you to be a bridge builder.” In July, 2009, Pastor Ed and Sue moved to the Charleston area and began their ministry at Calvary.

In the summer of 2019, Pastor Ed retired from full-time ministry while remaining a member of Calvary Lutheran Church and working with multiple non-profit ministries and participating in international mission trips.
In June, 2021, after the current pastor accepted a call to another church, Pastor Ed graciously agreed to act as Calvary Lutheran Church’s interim pastor as the congregation moves through the call process.

Our Staff

Tammy Matthews
Church Administrator
Charisma Glinka
Kids for Christ Leader
Amy Plott
Youth Leader
Upcoming Events

Treats and Truth Kids Event

A trunk and treats type event on Sunday, October 30th, 5 to 8 p.m.

All kids are invited to wear their Halloween costumes to this fun event featuring decorated vehicle trunks, treats and activities. 

Oyster Roast

Saturday, October 29, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

Everyone’s invited to Calvary’s annual Oyster Roast! Mark your calendar and plan to attend. Sign-up information coming soon.

Joy Fellowship Events

Fall is a busy time for Women’s Ministry
  • Joy Fellowship Retreat, Oct. 21-23
  • Fall Brunch, Nov. 19
  • Christmas Dinner, Dec. 11
See the Events page for more information.

From the Pastor’s Desk

A Prayer Journey

My dear friends in Jesus’ love, we have embarked on a prayer journey as a congregation, a journey rooted in God’s loving heart and resting upon the promises found in His Word.
As I said recently in a sermon, our prayer is the lever resting on the immovable rock of God’s Word. Through our prayers God accomplishes for us what we could never dream possible on our own.
Many of us are familiar with the promise God made to King Solomon when the recently completed temple was dedicated in Jerusalem.
“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14
As followers of Jesus we, not our country, are the people called by His name. God provides four actions that lead to forgiveness and the healing of our land.
Humbling ourselves before God means to acknowledge our overwhelming need, our responsibility for what we are experiencing, and our inability to change on our own.
On bended knee we pray, finding an encouraging welcome as we enter God’s presence through the merits of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Seeking God’s face means to seek His favor. Rather than seeking His hand, that is—what He can do for us—we first address our fractured relationship with Him. This provides a different perspective on our sin.
Isaiah experienced an overwhelming dread when he realized he was no longer at worship in the earthly temple. God brought him to the heavenly temple, where angels surrounded His throne. There he became aware of the punishment his sin deserved in the presence of a holy God. You and I also, as we seek God’s face, will be more forcibly confronted by the wicked ways we need to turn from and bring to the cross.
For His part God promises to hear from heaven. Whenever the Bible speaks of God hearing or seeing something, it means He is about to act.
First, He forgives our rebellion, our idolatry, and then He deals with the consequences our rebellion has caused through healing our land. God will do what He promised if we do what He has commanded.
The elders and I are very excited to see what God will do in our country, community, and congregation as we seek Him with our whole heart!
Pastor Ed Grant



Mission Trip to Waverly

Our recent mission trip to Waverly, Tennessee, was both a sad and a wonderful experience, all at the same time. Last August 21, about 15 inches of rain fell in six hours. I imagine such a heavy rainstorm is what fell over 40 days and nights in the time of Noah.
The creek flowing beneath a raised railroad berm became blocked by fallen trees and debris, forming a dam across the creek and creating a sixty acre lake about twenty feet deep. The pressure of the water broke an 800 yard section
of the railroad berm, sending a tsunami-like wave through the town. Twenty people lost their lives, including five children. Seven-hundred-fifty homes were damaged or destroyed. Most of the victims were poor and had no flood insurance, because the town is not in a flood plain. Residents lost everything.
About 28 homes have been rebuilt, but the owners had some type of insurance and were able to pay contractors. All the rest of the work is being done by Christian volunteer groups. Our team listened to harrowing stories from resident’s survival, being rescued by a helicopter as their house floated away or a man standing on an end table to keep his head above the water, and a woman getting three cats and two dogs into an attic.
I was touched by several observations and experiences.
  • Gratitude: Everywhere we went and daily at our meals in a church gymnasium, people expressed heartfelt gratitude to us for coming to help them. With so much to complain about, they chose to be thankful!
  • Sacrifice and hospitality: The Waverly Church of Christ and a Baptist church opened their doors to the community, initially as shelters and then serving meals to residents and volunteers since the flood. Many unchurched residents helped by the churches began serving alongside church members. We stayed in Sunday school classrooms that were kept immaculate.
  • The Body of Christ at work: Numerous Christian ministries and congregations have participated in mucking out and rebuilding homes, working harmoniously to meet the needs of the community. There are three different organizations coordinating the rebuilding, each with its own project manager, but all working together.
  • Joy: The joy of working with members of Calvary and a few other Lutheran congregations, making a difference in people’s lives and being a face of Christ, along with the hands of His mercy, to help in their time of great need. Joy also in speaking with some of the home owners and
    seeing their hope and experiencing their gratitude.
We plan to go out quarterly to serve those affected by natural disasters and are always looking for others willing to serve as the hands of God’s mercy.
Pastor Ed Grant






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